SR Productions

London Theatre. 'I Sing!' 5 Stars
“I Sing!” thanks to a great combination of book, music, direction and actors, is a wonderful night of musical theatre in its purest and most awesome form

The show that started our passion was I Sing! We loved the show, its music, characters and concept.

British Theatre. [TOS] 5 Stars
​It's a riot of noise, laughter and energy and has the whole audience rooting for the oddball quartet

We have been in the industry as performers and creatives for over 10 years and being great theatre lovers we decided it was time to work hard at making our own company and to bring to life musicals that we felt needed the spotlight. A big passion of ours is to also bring forward and showcase new musical theatre performers to London audiences. We adore the London theatre scene and will continue to make our name as a fun company to work for who want to showcase new talent in exciting, professional and innovative productions.   

West End Wilma.  [TOS] 4 Stars
​SR productions should be proud of what they’ve achieved with [ title of show ]. A wonderful production that had this [tos]’er sitting in the audience reminding himself why he is one of the people whose favourite thing is [title of show]

Remote Goat. 'I Sing!' 4 Stars
​The sheer enthusiasm of the actors, who really stepped into the shoes of their characters had the audience on their feet applauding by the end.


Reviews Hub. [TOS] 4 Stars
​SR Productions may be relatively new but on this this show it's evidence we must hope for more revivals of lesser well-known musicals in both smaller venues and larger theatres

"We sing for a greater connection!"


We decided to contact the composers of the show telling them of our love for their musical and asked if they ever considered it being on in London. They in turn asked us if we fancied giving it a go. And so SR Productions was born.          

Who We Are...

British Theatre. 'I Sing!' 4 Stars
The original creators can be proud; I Sing! is a wonderful show with a wonderful cast and deserves to find a home for longer

It started as all good ideas do with great friends, some food and wine ...


We started SR Productions one night after a dinner with friends talking about all the shows we would love to see on in London. Shows that are less mainstream

and we felt needed to be performed and seen.